Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in purchasing artwork. If you wish you can inspect the artwork in person in our depositary at Tehov 274, 251 01, Praha – východ, GPS: 49° 58′ 19.047″ N, 14° 41′ 10.48″ E.

Terms & Conditions of Ateliér AfrickéSochy.cz

I. Seller
The seller of artwork is Mr. Ondřej Homolka, registered address: Tehov 274, 251 01, Praha – východ , registered by trade licensing department of the Municipal Office at Říčany, under ID: 63839334, VAT No.: CZ6709141395, Tel: + 420 777 935 970, e-mail: zc.yhcosekcirfa@yhcos. The seller is entitled to sell objects of the artistic value on the basis of a trade license. This kind of business is not subject to any further licensing procedure. Trade inspections are carried out by the licensing office department of the Municipal Office at Říčany.

II. Ordering
1. In order for the order to be valid, all mandatory information in the order form must be completed.
2. The order is a proposal of the purchase agreement; the said agreement is deemed to be concluded on the delivery of the goods to the buyer.
3. Along with sending the order, the buyer confirms that he agrees with the terms and conditions contained herein of Ateliér AfrickéSochy.cz.
4. Title to the artwork passes to the Buyer by acceptance of the artwork and payment of the agreed price.

III. Delivery conditions
1. All prices on website www.africkesochy.cz are stated in Czech Crowns, including value added tax. Prices do not include shipping costs of artwork to the buyer, packing of larger artworks that require special packaging for transport (crates, pallets, etc.) and the cost of installation of artwork at the buyer’s place.
2. Artworks can be personally inspected, selected, and taken in the depository at Tehov 274, 251 01, Praha – východ.
3. The buyer may take over the artworks free of charge at the Depositary at the address above, or the artworks are supplied by the seller at the place specified by the buyer under the following conditions:
– Artworks weighing up to 50 kg will be delivered to the address within Praha and Středočeský Kraj (Central Bohemia County) specified by the buyer free of charge. For delivery outside of Praha and Středočeský Kraj the delivery cost will be charged to the buyer amounting to 10, -CZK per km multiplied by the number of kilometers between the place of loading and the place of delivery.
– For delivery of artworks weighing more than 50 kg and delivery of all artworks out of the Czech Republic, the buyer will be charged the actual costs incurred by the seller for the handling, packaging, and transport of artworks to a place specified by the buyer.
4. Artworks are supplied with an information sheet containing the author’s name, name of the artwork, place of origin of the work, and raw material from which the artwork is made.

IV. Payment terms
Prices for artworks are payable in cash upon personal acceptance of the work by the buyer or by transfer to the bank account of the seller. Payment by bank transfer will be always used if the seller does not deliver the work directly, but using the contracting carrier. In the case of payments by a bank account, the artwork will be shipped after the full amount of the purchase price is received to the seller’s account.

V. Complaints
1. The buyer is obliged to inspect delivered artwork without undue delay and report to the seller all defects detected within three days of receipt of the work to e-mail zc.yhcosekcirfa@yhcos. The report must include a description and extent of the defect.
2. If the seller accepts a complaint as justified, he provides the buyer a discount, or if artwork is returned to the seller, the seller will return the purchase price.
3. The seller is not responsible for damages caused by force majeure and by mishandling the artwork by the buyer. The defects of this origin are not covered by the warranty.
4. Warranty on all artworks offered in the e-gallery AfrickeSochy.cz is 24 months and begins on the date of acceptance of the artwork by the buyer.
5. The buyer has the right to return the artwork within 14 days of receipt without giving any reason. In this case the buyer is obliged to pay the transportation costs, and other related costs, which might have been incurred by the seller on the delivery and return of the artwork. The seller is obliged to return the purchase price paid by the buyer provided the artwork is returned.

VI. Personal Data Protection
1.The seller is registered in the Register of the persons processing the personal data, which is kept by the Office for Personal Data Protection, under license No. 00046615.
2. By filling out the order form, the buyer gives the seller consent with the processing of the buyer’s personal data (data processed are name, address, identification number, tax identification number, electronic mail address, and telephone number), for the purpose of the realization of the rights and obligations under the purchase agreement for the artwork, and for the purpose of sending commercial information by the seller to the buyer. With the exception of parties or persons transporting the artwork to the buyer, the personal data cannot be disclosed to any third party without the prior consent of the buyer.
3. The seller is entitled to use photos and videos of sold artwork for advertising, marketing, and publishing purposes of the seller.
4. Pages www.africkesochy.cz use Google Analytics, provided by Google, Inc. This service allows a better understanding of the behavior of web visitors and also for meeting their requirements and needs. All acquired data are processed anonymously. For privacy policies when you use Google Analytics, please visit our page “Privacy policies”.
VII. Final provisions
If not provided otherwise in these terms and conditions, the relationship between the seller and buyer is governed by the Czech Commercial Code.